Sales Reps

Reps follow the steps required to keep the opportunity progressing. Steps are not missed. And Reps can add events specific to their opportunity.

Sales Managers

Managers reinforce best practice sales processes unique to their company. Playbooks keep deals on track so end of quarter surprises are avoided.

Sales Operations

Sales Operations align Sales Playbooks to Salesforce Sales Stages, ensuring key items are in place so revenue is recognized.

Operationalize Best Practice Sales Processes in Salesforce


Optimize Sales Processes Using Sales Playbooks

Execute your sales strategy by guiding your team through your sales process and methodology with ClosePlan Playbooks. Define best practices for working through opportunities.

  • Create functional Playbooks for Sales teams: Enterprise, renewals, services, transactional business and more
  • Enable consistent sales process execution
  • Keep Sales aligned with the sales processes unique to your company

Sales Playbooks are Sales Process, Methodology and Strategy combined


Automate Salesforce Sales Stage Progression

As your Sales Reps progress though your Sales Playbook, ClosePlan will prompt them to update their sales stage.

  • Ensure the current sales stage is an accurate reflection of what has been done.
  • By creating easy to follow checklist items, Sales Reps can ensure that their sales stages are up to date.
  • Reduce Sales overhead and make the job of managing Salesforce easier with ClosePlan Sales Playbooks.

Everything Reps Need In One Place

ClosePlan Sales Playbooks are comprised of rich sales events designed to provide Sales Reps with everything they need to keep the sale moving forward.

  • Event descriptions & goals
  • Suggested event start dates and due dates
  • Event checklist items
  • Important files and links to content
  • Job aides and sales enablement content

Native in Salesforce

Deploy Closeplan directly in the Salesforce opportunity page – Classic or Lightning. With ClosePlan the most critical parts of your sales funnel, the close, can be managed all in one place.

Great Companies Use ClosePlan Sales Playbooks


Every once in a while someone creates an application that makes you wonder why it didn’t exist. ClosePlan has done just that. ClosePlan enhances the sales process flow within Salesforce, with added intelligence and analysis to make sure deals actually have a path to close.

Andrew G.

Salesforce MVP, Bluewolf, an IBM Company

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