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ClosePlan provides a map for your reps as they apply (in our case) MEDDPICC to their sales opportunities while allowing me as the sales leader to be more effective in both coaching conversations as well as my forecasts. My forecast 1:1 calls have evolved from “storytime” to more fact- and data-based discussions.

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Vice President Sales


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MEDDIC Scorecard

  • Out of the Box MEDDIC, MEDDPIC, MEDDPICC templates to get you up and running fast.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Out of the Box dashboards.
  • Intuitive point, click, answer and score. Easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Keep Sales aligned with the sales processes unique to your company

MEDDIC Influence Map

  • Create MEDDIC based influence maps natively in Salesforce with easy-to-use drag and drop tools.
  • Visualize your Champion, Economic Buyer, Coach, Procurement, supporter, blockers,
  • Build relationships with the the people that matter.
  • Leverage your Salesforce contact records. Keep your data in Salesforce.

Optimize MEDDIC Sales Processes

  • Guide your team through your MEDDIC sales process and methodology.
  • Automated sales stage progression based on clearly defined exit criteria.
  • Report on everything.

Out of the Box MEDDIC Based Forecast Reports

  • Surface MEDDIC Data in your Revenue Reports
  • Visualize relationship alignment Champions, Economic Buyers, Procurement, Coach, etc…
  • Reduce time on forecast calls and create collaborated close plans.
  • Eliminate story time

MEDDIC Definition


Metric – The economic benefits of your solution. What is the quantifiable economic gain and benefit of your solution.


Economic Buyer – The company’s economic buyer. The person who actually has the authority to make the decision and release the budget. The person who has decision control on the funds for the purchase.


Decision Criteria – The criteria the company uses to make the decision to purchase your solution. What is the criteria used by the company to make the purchasing decision and choose among the various options.


Decision Process – The process the company uses to make the decision. The process defined by the company to reach the purchase decision.


Identify Pain – Actual pains that the company would require your solution to relieve. A customer must have a need or a pain before they pursue a solution.


Champion – Someone in the buying organization who has a vested interest in your success and acts on your behalf within their organization. A powerful & influential person, who is favorable to your solution.


MEDDIC is a sales methodology based on qualification for complex, enterprise, Business to Business sales. MEDDIC is an acronym that stands for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain, and Champion—used to qualify customers in the MEDDIC sales process.

Users of MEDDIC sales methodology believe qualified opportunities results in a better close rates and increased sales success.

MEDDIC is effective because it provides sales and sales leadership with the information to gain an accurate understanding of the health of an opportunity throughout the sales process. As the sales process process progresses, MEDDIC help your gauge key focus areas.

The most common proofpoint of MEDDIC is increased win rates and increased revenue.


MEDDIC, is the most commonly used Sales Qualification Methodology for Enterprise B2B Sales organizations and is applicable to most Enterprise Sales Processes. MEDDIC is often referred to as MEDDIC Checklist, MEDDIC Scorecards MEDDIC Sales Process.

MEDDIC is a sales methodology based on qualification for complex enterprise Business to Business sales. MEDDIC was created by Dick Dunkel and Jack Napoli at PTC corporation in the 1990’s.

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