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Enterprise Sales is changing. Whilst Sales leaders are under more pressure than ever to deliver revenue growth, typically their Sales Representatives have less traditional training and experience. Additionally buyers are better informed prior to engaging with vendors, demanding more from sales teams who want to win . To keep pace successful sales teams need to work optimally, collaboratively and with process efficiency to keep pace and close more deals. Teams need ClosePlan.

ClosePlan is a Sales optimization platform for the whole team. The platform improves performance at the bottom of the sales funnel by reinforcing best-in-breed processes across your  organization to execute quickly and consistently. ClosePlan highlights the series of critical events that each opportunity should progress through. Real-time updates give complete visibility throughout the organization. To further empower the reps, ClosePlan also includes easy-to-use project management tools including kanban boards, gantt charts, and visual reporting. Learn more by visiting

“Close plans are essential tools in the sales cycle because they involve the larger team and get everyone on the same page with a clearly defined process. I expect my teams to use them and I have seen them in every form imaginable – paper and pen, spreadsheets, docs. Automation and transparency is important so I am happy to see ClosePlan bring a powerful solution to the market.” Gary Littlefair, a 30-year sales veteran who has held sales leadership roles at companies such as Sun Microsystems, BEA Systems, Oracle and Jive Software.

ClosePlan brings sales teams 3 key elements that combine to drive sales deal momentum:

  • Sales Events: Sales leaders set a completely customized sequential series of events that instills the best-practice sales process across the organization. With a single click, reps can create an event-driven sales execution plan that syncs data bi-directionally with Salesforce.

  • Deal Scorecards: Continuously qualify and measure the health of each opportunity throughout the sales process to deliver insights and drive required deal activity. Scorecards are completely customizable and support any methodology.

  • Stakeholder Maps: Map contacts from Salesforce to visually connect the key stakeholders with easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality. Inform your deal team with added depth to your contact data including support status, relationship health, and decision-making power

ClosePlan also generates actionable insights to improve forecasting, drive behavior, and identify coachable moments. With a combination of both qualitative and quantitative data to score the health of every opportunity, sales managers understand the likelihood of securing a deal in a single glance. Sales leaders can apply these insights to forecasting reports to further refine and inform their forward-looking revenue projections and also fine tune towards an optimal process.

About ClosePlan
Closeplan was founded in 2017 with the belief that sales leaders need a better tool to reinforce their sales vision and reps need smarter, more connected tools to succeed. Our mission is to apply proven project management techniques to best-practice engagement plans with accountability and transparency to add efficiency throughout the organization. For more information, visit

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